Monday, August 27, 2012

Today started out slow, the Boy and I laid in bed until we were to hungry to stay. Started on some schooling after breakfast, the Boy isn’t really into it all that much right now. Today he picked out tracing; letters, numbers, and shapes. He did really well! We are still working on numbers, He can count to 5 but gets a little confused after that. For lunch the Boy decided on mac and cheese for lunch, so I pulled out the recipes and found one of his favorite. He loves to help in the kitchen, I let him crack the eggs and sprinkle the cheese, his favorite! Right now it is nearing the end of nap time so I am off to get ready to fight dragons and save the world. Love one another and be Blessed
Today was a pretty awesome day! The Boy climbed in bed with us around 7:30 this morning and went right back to sleep, so that meant momma got to sleep in also. The only down side was that we slept to long and were unable to get to church on time, we still had a really great rainy sunday. Once we did get up I made pancakes and chocolate gravy from scratch, YUMMY! You know how people say, “you are what you eat" well I guess I started out my day as being a pancake and chocolate :-). While momma was cooking, daddy and the Boy played the Wii. The Boy is actually quite good at sword fighting and frisbee golf, he beat his daddy 3 different times! After we stuffed ourselves on our amazingly yummy breakfast the rain had stopped some so we went out and played golf, baseball, sword fighting, soccer and hunted dragons’. It was and exciting adventure capturing and taming all the different dragons the Boy caught. He has such a great imagination and I love it! Oh to be an innocent child again...

Sunday, August 26, 2012


What does one write about on a blog?? What is the appropriate first post to have?? This is and will be about my life as a mom doing the best she can to raise her boisterous 3 year old in a Christian home in a failing world along with the day to day goings on, whether it is happy, sad, angry or just plain out there; I will be writing about it. Everyone has their de-stressors, as you will call them, and this is going to be mine, it may not make any sense at times and others may even be a bit personal. These will be my opinions and my thoughts about whatever I feel like, or need, to write about. Please feel free to follow me on my journey, this is a "No Hate" zone so if you don’t like what I have to say please just move on to the next blog.